Model Portfolios


Options for Your Risk Tolerance Level

Our model portfolios are posted on page one of each weekly issue - check out a sample newsletter. We email "hotline" alerts Monday-Thursday evening if there are any changes.

AGGRESSIVE PORTFOLIO - Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead. You have a high risk tolerance level, typically a younger investor with plenty of time to recoup losses. You can tolerate wide price swings. This portfolio typically invests in high beta funds and occasionally inverse (shorting) funds.

MODERATE PORTFOLIO - Middle of the road. You have a moderate risk tolerance level, typically middle-aged. You're playing offense, but spend more time on the sidelines than aggressive investors. You avoid leveraged funds.

CONSERVATIVE PORTFOLIO - In the game, but playing defense. You're likely retired or near retirement, and uncomfortable with draw downs. This portfolio invests in lower volatility funds than the Moderate Portfolio. Goal is a smooth equity curve.


Clear-Cut Advice

We take the guesswork out of the investment process for you with specific fund recommendations and instructions on exactly when to buy and sell

We select funds for our model portfolios based on their momentum and volatility characteristics, then exit positions when a fund's strength falters. We focus on both intermediate trend and long-term trends,giving positions more latitude when the major trend is bullish. When we're unable to find uptrending funds that meet our requirements, we simply remain in a money market fund.


30 Years of Managing Risk

We're not like other newsletters; we won't promise an outrageous rate of return. We simply offer our general timing model accolades and three decades of investment experience. | Providing Investment Advice Since 1982