Getting Started


Establish a Trading Account

You'll need a trading account to follow our model portfolio recommendations. If you haven't already done so, contact a discount broker such as Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade to start the process. Some fund families, like Fidelity, provide access to hundreds of funds from dozens of different mutual fund companies. Check fund availability at your current custodian before making a switch.


Download Adobe Reader

Adobe® ReaderIssues are posted to our web site in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). Subscribers are provided with a private link to the newsletter. If you don't already have the Adobe Reader software installed on your computer, download it for free from Adobe's web site. If you have any kind of difficulty with getting Adobe Reader installed or working properly please visit Adobe's technical support web site.


Get Familiar with Newsletter and Hotline Schedule

Subscribers receive an email link to our newsletter no later than 11 pm EST Sundays. Each issue briefly discusses what moved the market over the past week and provides succinct US stock market analysis, market index charts, market data, model portfolio recommendations, buy/sell status of 18 different timing models, timing model charts, and a list of top monitored funds in all the categories that correspond with our timing models - including special coverage for Direxion, Fidelity, ProFunds, Rydex and Vanguard funds.

For changes to timing models or model portfolios between issues, we email subscribers an alert (called a "hotline") by 11 pm EST.

Missing a newsletter or hotline? Visit our archives section for the past 10 issues and alerts.


Begin Investing

If you're following one or more of our timing models, establish a set sum of money you'll invest per model, and get fully-invested (100%) when we issue a buy signal. Scan the top monitored funds lists in our most recent newsletter and purchase the fund highest in relative strength for the corresponding timing model (for example, Latin American funds correspond to our Latin American Funds Timing Model.) If you missed our original buy signal, average new money into mutual funds over a period of several months. Simply divide the capital into three or four equal increments and invest one portion each month until the amount is fully invested. This approach will decrease the likelihood of investing all of the money right at a significant top prior to a sell signal.

The same advice holds for our model portfolios except we tell you exactly which funds to buy.

It's that easy!

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